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Hotel lambitu Bima



To become the best and well known hotel in Bima through its high quality product and service but within reasonable rate.


Make customers happy, secure and satisfied by making progressive improvement and keep trying to be the best hotel in Bima by means of providing perfect service quality with available facility and employees

why choose me

  • Homey Service
  • Best Value
  • Fun and Cohesive Staying Environment
  • Countinous Learning for Customer
  • Multi-Tasking
“This is undoubtedly the most undervalued hotel for business or pleasure. The fact is that the service is so good you don’t notice anyone special, because they are seamlessly doing it in concert. As for the accommodations, it is a small bit of heaven.”
Ronald Shawn, Customer


Hotel Lambitu Jl. Sumbawa no. 4 Bima
Telp. 0374-42222/43333 Fax. 0374-646725